Why not?
Making Is Manufacturing – whether you do it at your kitchen table or in a state-of-the-art factory.
Whether you want to build to your customers’ wishes, or you pre-determine a set production run of goods before you have customers, how you handle yourself and your shop business is everything that I have come to learn, and I’m going to share it with you

It all starts in Bootcamp. Day one of your mentorship begins with orientation to all the different community areas available to you, and which to head to first. You can introduce yourself, or, you can quietly get accustomed to the program before you lay out your questions.

You will also have the ability to schedule one-on-one video sessions with your mentor in order to satisfy your unique questions. You can even jump into a realtime chat session with your mentor! Plus, as new topics are covered, the program will only grow in value as time goes on. With all these great features, don’t waste another minute going-it-alone and join us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Makers! We know that having the expertise to create things comes with many years of practice. What makers don’t necessarily get practice on is how to handle yourself in business. The Mentors for Makers community shares a wealth of experience to get you the knowledge of business education.

Day one! Not only do you have the ability to jump right into the Bootcamp course content, but you also will be scheduled for an introduction session with your mentor on video chat!

No. Your mentor time is your time. Occasionally, small group sessions are setup in addition to lessons and your one-on-one time. It is your option if you want to join in the group sessions or not. You can even just attend but not contribute.

Being that “high” is a relative term, we truly believe that the price of the Mentors for Makers community is undervalued. You will find that the amount of information provided, the regular interactions with your mentor, and the conversations between members of the community are worth much more than the price.

No, the price of entrance will not stay the same. In fact, because the value of the shared experiences and addition of community content will only grow, so will the price of admission.

Yes, we do offer a military discount. Active, transitioning, and former U.S. Military personnel qualify. Submission of proof such as a military ID or completed DD214 will be required.

There is only one way to gage your proficiency in any topic – and that is to give you a test! In fact, each lesson in Bootcamp culminates in a timed quiz that must be passed in order to move forward in the program.

Are you ready?

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